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“We were really pleased with the service that Building Link provided, turning our order round in very smart time, which in turn enabled us to share our seasonal thanks to our customers”

Ginny Lemarie Practicality Brown

Why are golf tees getting longer?

Why are golf tees getting longer?

Golfers are only allowed to tee the ball up on their first shot on each hole and from within the designated teeing area.

Traditionally golf club heads were much smaller than they are today, but modern technology and new man made materials have enabled manufacturers to create larger golf club heads without increasing the overall weight of the club.

The new larger club heads are more “forgiving” and easier to use which helps golfers to play better.

Today, golf’s ruling body (The Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland) has set limits on the permissible size of golf club heads.  The maximum size currently allowed is 70mm deep, 125mm wide with an overall volume of 460 cubic centimetres.

Teeing up:

When a golf ball is teed up for a driver shot, the top edge of the driver should level with the centre of the golf ball.

This means that you need a tee that’s long enough to allow for the height of the new large headed drivers - so as golf club heads have increased in size, so too have tee lengths

Our best selling personalised golf tee is the 70mm length, the 54mm length is now just not long enough for many people.

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