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The rulers look great, everyone is very pleased with them.

Rick Peterson, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology University of Central Lancashire, School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Transparent rulers

Transparent rulers

We have recently added our retail range of clear acrylic drawing rulers to our promotional range.

Supplied as standard with 1:1 metric and imperial scales the rulers are made from rigid transparent acrylic.  The 300mm (12”) version is shown on our website, but we are also able to supply other lengths, please contact us for details.

The rulers can be fully customised, so you can specify the scales that are featured along either edge.  Again, please contact us for details.

The rulers are printed digitally along the length of the central section of the ruler.  Digital printing uses a full colour process, so you can have as many colours in your design as you want.

For more information about our transparent rulers, or any other promotional product, please contact us on or call us on 01206 272020.