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Friendly, prompt service and the scale rules look fantastic. Have already recommended to a few fellow business owners.

Matt Gander Matt Gander Associates

Scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts

Scale rulers for model railway enthusiasts

Our British Model Railway Scale Rulers have always been a popular product with modellers both within and outside the UK.

They feature the four most popular model railway scales (OO, HO, N & O gauges) and come in both 150mm (6”) and 300mm (12”) sizes.

We have recently launched a new version of the ruler.  It still features the four favourite scales , but we’ve adapted the design so the scales go right to the edge of the ruler.  This means that it’s now easy to measure objects from ‘the ground up’.

A stick man, which is shown alongside each of the scales, illustrates the height of an average person (5’ 9” – 175cm), making it easy to check that the characters in the model are to scale with their surroundings.

The new style rulers are available through , along with E-bay and Amazon, alternatively contact us on 01206 272020 or e-mail us at