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The rulers look great, everyone is very pleased with them.

Rick Peterson, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology University of Central Lancashire, School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Rulex scale rulers - available to the promotional market

Rulex scale rulers - available to the promotional market

The Rulex scale ruler range is now available to the promotional market.

As a retail range, it’s been available online through E-Bay, Amazon, and directly from  It’s now being offered to the promotional market which means that companies, universities, modelling clubs and other organistions will be able to have Rulex rulers overprinted with their own details.

Rulex scale rulers are completely customisable – you effectively start with a blank ruler sized piece of plastic and can then print whatever you want on them.   You’re no longer limited to the space between the scales for your design – you can print over the entire surface of the ruler if you want.

Custom scales can also be specified, so you have the chance to tailor the scales to meet the needs of your customers.  Our technical department will draw the scales for you, all you need to do is tell us which scales you want and where you want them.  You can even have a mix of imperial and metric.

The rulers are printed digitally in full colour, so there are no restrictions in terms of number of colours or tints that can be printed.

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