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Standard architectural nor engineering scales have ever been completely suited to the world of surveying provided the solution with excellent customer service throughout, along with a great product.

Tim Salmon MK Surveys

Re-usable drinks bottles

Re-usable drinks bottles

150 million plastic water bottles are sold each day Worldwide, but only 25% are ever recycled.  It is estimated that 10% of the rest will end up in the sea, with the remainder ending up in landfill.

Not surprisingly there is growing pressure from environmental groups for retailers to charge extra on these bottles with the ultimate aim of an eventual ban.  Some outlets such as London Zoo have already banned the sale of single use water bottles.

A way to encourage environmentally friendly behaviour and promote your business is through our range of promotional water bottles.  We offer a wide range of water and sports bottles that can be branded with your logo or bespoke design.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and include recognised brand names such as Camelbak.

For more information about our promotional sports bottles, or any other promotional merchandise, please contact us on 01206 272020 or e-mail us