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Thank you so much - the rulers arrived last week, and are great. You have been so kind and so incredibly efficient, with such fast service as ever, thank you.

Marketing Anderson Orr Architects

Psychedelic scales

Psychedelic scales

Although they are unquestionably useful and a ‘must have’ for many professions, scale rulers have traditionally been somewhat functional and sensible in terms of their own design.  Given that many scale rulers are actively used in the creative design process, this has always struck us as slightly ironic.

Of course in the past, printing technology wasn’t able to reliably print anything other than solid colours.  However, the introduction of modern digital printing techniques now means that full colour designs can be printed brightly and durably onto our range of flat/oval scale rulers.

We have developed our own set of innovative ‘funky’ scale ruler designs, each available to buy individually through our drawing products site .  Some are bright and cheerful such as the jelly bean and ‘flower power’ psychedelic rulers, some are more design led such as the one that features textured metal flooring, there’s even one specifically for the festive season.

Each of our ‘funky designs’ scale ruler range is manufactured in the UK alongside many of the other drawing products we offer.  This ensures they are easy to use, durable and above all, accurate.

We also offer a bespoke printing service which means that, should you have your own design you’d like to see on a scale ruler, we can print it for you.  The minimum quantity required is just 25.  Further details can be found on or feel free to call us to discuss your ideas on 01206 272020.