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Just got back into the office and found the rulers. Brilliant! We are really pleased. Thank you for all your help.

Oonagh Fawcett Wood BTL Property Ltd

Made to measure - Bimbrix

Made to measure - Bimbrix

Bimbrix® is a range of model bricks that has been designed to replicate the size and features of a standard building brick and can be laid using all the traditional brickwork bonds.  Both horizontal and vertical joints are formed which allows the bricks to be used either ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ with an imitation mortar.

It is a precision-engineered education and training product for the construction, engineering and architectural industries.  Engineered in a 1:5 scale, students are able to create architectural models that closely resemble the way in which real buildings are constructed.

We helped the Bimbrix® team to develop a bespoke scale ruler for their users to measure the models they create.  As well as featuring a 1:1 and 1:5 scale on both sides of the ruler, the unique feature is that it has a scale ‘gauging rod’ printed along the entire length which allows Bimbrix® users to measure and check the brickwork coursing heights.

If you have a requirement for a scale ruler, or just a piece of slightly flexible ruler sized plastic, that needs to be printed with something a little unusual – please contact us at

Further details about the Bimbrix® range can be found on