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The Protan-labelled scale rulers were delivered on Friday. I just want to say thank you for your service and excellent turnaround time.

Anthony Hogan Protan

Custom scale rulers for Narrow Gauge Modellers

Custom scale rulers for Narrow Gauge Modellers

We recently had an enquiry from the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers, who were looking for scale rulers to send to their members around the world.

They needed the rulers to show specific scales that they use for modelling (1:19, 1:13.7 & 1:20.3) and the scales had to start at the very end of the ruler so that they could measure ‘from the ground up’.

We were able to help by using our bespoke design service, which allows customers to have whatever scales they like printed on one or both sides of the ruler.

A spokesman from the Association, explains how they are planning to use the rulers:

The rulers will be mailed worldwide to our 4600 members with our May magazine as the first “bonus” celebrating 40 years of the Association of 16mm Narrow gauge Modellers.

Obviously one of the issues when you need to distribute a physical object around the world is the practicality of distribution, and the 150mm ruler is ideal for this as it can be hot tacked to the A4 magazine and still pass through standard mail handling machinery.  The ruler is also a practical tool for our members giving an instant read out of three popular scales for garden railway modelling.

16mm to the foot scale has developed since the 1970’s as a major garden railway modelling scale for several reasons.  Practically it enables “O gauge” track with a distance between the rails of 32mm which has been around since the 1930’s to be used to represent typical Welsh slate railways, such as the Ffestiniog, two foot gauge track. Using the relatively large scale of 1:19 has also allowed models to be constructed that can run on real steam produced in their own boilers and even in some cases powered by coal.

16mm is a growing area of the railway modelling scene attracting both model engineers from larger and often “ride on” scales and those people who have grown up on small scale electric train sets and want to be able to run real trains, usually in the garden, but also in sheds, garages, basements and lofts. The Association is probably the largest garden railway hobby group in the world and has more than twice the number of members of any similar organisation in the UK.

When the Association was looking to develop this product we were delighted to find Building link / Rulex based in the UK offering bespoke scale rules as prior to this we thought that we might have to use a standard product from the USA without our own branding or choice of scales. It has been great to work with a company who have been so enthusiastic about developing a product that meets our specific requirements, and the quality of the finished rulers has impressed all those who have seen it to date. The process has also been remarkably quick with concept, proofing and production taking just a few weeks. Once the rulers have been distributed to existing members the remaining stock will be sold through our website - and from the Association stand at exhibitions as well as being used as a promotional tool with the media.