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The Protan-labelled scale rulers were delivered on Friday. I just want to say thank you for your service and excellent turnaround time.

Anthony Hogan Protan
Flat oval scale rulers

Flat oval scale rulers

Triangular scale rulers

Triangular scale rulers

Metal scale rulers

Metal scale rulers

Promotional printed scale rulers - the perfect marketing tool for construction industry professionals.

Promotional scale rulers, printed with your logo, are an ideal giveaway for architects, designers, surveyors and other people working in the construction industry.

Scale rules, printed with your logo, offer an effective way of getting your name directly into the hands of your customers!

There are three main styles of promotional scale ruler: oval/flat, triangular and metal - they are all accurate and durable and can be printed with your company logo.  If you're looking for plain scale rulers, ie without your details printed on them, please visit

COVID-19 - many of our printers are now closed, so please contact us for lead times BEFORE placing your order.

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